Deliberate Practice — The Fastest Way to Improve Your Skills

Design your practice deliberately, to improve faster.

What is deliberate practice?

Characteristics of deliberate practice

Ericsson explains deliberate practice in detail in his excellent book: Peak: How to Master Almost Anything. Here is a short video-summary of the main points.

There is nothing magical about 10 000 hours

A typical LeBron James practice session, illustrates how focused and intense practice can be.

Find the joy in working hard

Amateurs work till they get it right. Masters work till they can’t get it wrong. -Harald Craxton, professor at the Royal Academy of Music.

Anything worthwhile in life, takes time and effort to achieve.

Repeating what you already know, but better

Doing things you already know, but better, is still very good practice.

Designing Deliberate Practice

Ask yourself questions!

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Learning skills — 100Hours at a time —

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